Hollywood Stars Who Had Their Body Parts Insured for Over a Million Dollars

Insurance is an important thing, however, for celebrities, insuring some parts of their bodies is crucial, especially considering that they (their body parts) can make or break their careers. As absurd as it sounds, this is a practice that has been around for some time now.

Most stars that insure their bodies will either take up life or term insurance policies and other types of insurance to cover their breasts, legs, and even butts. Interestingly, there are even some who have gone to the extent of insuring odd body parts like their tongues. Below is a look at some renowned and celebrated Hollywood stars who have taken multi-million insurance policies to insure (parts of) their bodies.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, a famous actress and pop singer, is one of the well-known celebrities to have insured one or more parts of their bodies. The “Waiting for Tonight” singer is said to have taken a $300 million insurance policy to cover her famous booty. Yeah! You read it right! $300 Million bucks! There is a possibility that the premium covers scratches, excess cellulite, and other physical and medical blemishes her buttocks could experience through the course of her career.

Mariah Carey

Are your legs worth a billion dollars?

While most of us think that Mariah Carey, who is famous for her unique singing voice, would secure it with life insurance, the interesting thing is that she insured something totally different – her legs! In 2006, Mariah took a $1 Billion life policy to insure her legs – the highest policy to be taken by any superstar known to man. The premium is believed to cover things like excess cellulite and any expenses incurred if she were to bruise, hurt or injure her legs.

Miley Cyrus

It might not be that much of a surprise for most of us to learn that pop star, and “twerking” sensation, Miley Cyrus actually insured her tongue for $1,000,000 considering that sticking it out is what she does all day. Most of us are yet to know what the deductibles are on her policy, but there is a possibility that if she were to burn or sear her tongue while drinking a cup of hot chocolate, the policy should cover the cost of treatment – it’s just a possibility!

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, one of the highest-paid, Oscar-winning actresses in the world, is also known to have taken an insurance policy to cover her teeth. She is said to have insured her teeth for $30 million bucks. Well, considering the size of the policy, it is quite obvious that she doesn’t want her dazzling smile to fade (considered to be her trademark in the industry). The policy is believed to cover any dental-related costs. As such, if she were to chip a tooth or develop mouth cancer or something of this sort, she should be covered.

America FerreraTeeth insured for over 1M dollars

The “Ugly Betty” actress is believed to have her teeth, and more specifically her smile, insured for between $1 million and $10 million dollars by Aquafresh after she became the face of the company. Just like Julia Roberts, Ms. Ferrera’s policy is believed to cover all dental-related costs. As such, if she were to lose a tooth or two for whatever reason or if she were to need a root canal done, then all dental procedures and surgeries are covered by the policy.